New Releases Galore!

Two Sheds is happy to announce the release of three new records during the first half of 2014. We've got familiar names (Blake Rainey and His Demons) and new names with old friends (Dodd Ferrelle's new project March, Mandy Branch's band Secret Europeans). If the titles of the latter two releases look like some type of call-and-response companion release, we assure you it's purely coincidental - but sublimely symmetric! Details below.

March - Sharing Umbrellas. OUT NOW!

First up is March - a new band featuring Dodd Ferrelle, Tim Adams from Dodd's Tinfoil Stars, and Athens veterans Adam Poulin, Taylor Sproull, and Marcus Thompson. March's first album, Sharing Umbrellas, combines elements of rock, country twang, and Celtic folk, which should be familiar themes to fans of Dodd's catalog. Sharing Umbrellas is out now and available in our store.

Blake Rainey and His Demons - Love Don't Cross Me. OUT NOW!

Love Don't Cross Me marks the 3rd release for Blake Rainey and His Demons (Blake also has a separate solo record, plus a few with the Young Antiques), and this one is a vinyl release. Blake's songwriting chops are on display, with southern gothic lyricism and well-tuned melodies. Blake's Demos are Joe Foy and Eric Young.

Secret Europeans - Love Don't Stop. OUT NOW!

Secret Europeans is the new solo project by former Heros Severum co-founder Mandy Branch. In contrast to the sonic work of her former band, Love Don't Stop is delicate, pensive, but equally compelling.

Other Stuff

We've discounted our back catalog! Everything that is two years or older is discounted to $5.00, with singles priced at $3.00, as we're trying to make room for the new releases.

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