The Band

Erin Akemi - guitars, vocals
Zac Carlson - guitars
Benjamin Cenis - drums
Kelly Guinn - bass


Ashen began as an instrumental trio in 1996, as long-time friends Benjamin Cenis, Kelly Guinn, and B.J. Hale came together to put their own spin on the "shoegazing" genre with their blend of textured, melodic pieces. A couple of years later, the trio felt the need to add a vocalist, and Erin Akemi was brought into the mix. The band has now been transformed into a powerhouse which bridges the gap between trailblazers like Swervedriver and the Cure, and more modern indie bands like Jejune and Sarge.

In 1999, the band released its first single, a split 12" which featured two Ashen songs. The band followed that up with a quick tour of the mid-Atlantic and mid-West area, then returned to the studio to finish its brilliant full-length release, No Other Comfort.

Zac Carlson joined the band in early 2001, as B.J. left to focus on his career. Zac had previously played in outfits Autumn Cotillion and For the Life of Me. Having originally passed on auditioning due to time and school constraints, Zac was delighted to learn that the position was still open once No Other Comfort was released, and officially joined the band in January 2001.

The band's efforts to write for its follow-up record was interrupted in May 2002 by a van accident while returning from a show, but the band was able to resume completion of material for a follow-up EP. The band finally recorded Pull and Repel at Zero Return Studios in Atlanta in February 2003, and the EP was released in June 2003.

Shortly following the release of Pull and Repel, Ashen decided to disband, leaving behind a catalog of 15 songs, no fluff, and a lot of disappointed fans.

Benjamin and Kelly are now members of the Atlanta band Fate Heroic, which also features B.J.

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Audio Samples

Autopilot - No Other Comfort
Stars and Fields - No Other Comfort
Far Away - No Other Comfort
Cycle Pinsetter - Pull and Repel
200 Words - Pull and Repel


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Aversion - "Though the band draws on a hefty amount of mid-Ď90s alt-rock in its sound, it also pulls in enough indie rock to keep its style sounding both fresh and decidedly out of the reach of the blandness that contributed to alt-rockís downfall. From the swirling dual guitars that suggest early Smashing Pumpkins or the Cure, to the overdriven, uplifting guitar tones that dominate choruses and reflect a love for Hum, right down to singer/guitarist Erin Akemiís lilting delivery thatís sure to connect with Sarge fans, Ashen boasts a pretty stunning range of influences."

Music Emissions - "Ashen use the shoegazer style of fuzzy guitars and great harmonics in their music but go even further than that to incorporate some of the better elements of Emo. They would feel right at home on Deep Elm or Desoto records. You will hear elements in their music that may sound familiar but somehow with Erin Akemi singing you are drawn right in and the melodic guitars hold your attention." - "This melodic Emo band play high-toned, post-Shoegazer guitar feedback with gritty amplified howls and reverberated six-string moans. The juxtaposition of these beautifully demure and haunting sounds with the female singer's wistful voice is a nice contrast (a sonic Beauty and the Beast, if you will). The instrumental melodies are well-arranged, the guitar tones are warm and distorted, and the rhythm section seems to be able to predict the future (or perhaps they just really dig math). Overall, anyone who appreciates good songs and production so tasteful that you hardly notice it as a separate entity will find Ashen refreshing and exciting."