C'est Mortel


The Band

Devin Brown - guitar, vocals
Mason Brown - guitar
Brett Griffin - bass
Tom Naumann - drums
David Specht - keyboards


Seems like every musician in Athens is in multiple bands, so why should Jet by Day be any different? Jet by Day mainstays Tom Naumann and Mason Brown get their jones to "do something different" by moonlighting in C'est Mortel, a post-rock/prog-rock project that also includes Athens area musicians Devin Brown, Brett Griffin, and David Specht.

Formed in 2000, C'est Mortel composes and perform epic compositions which render obsolete the context in which others use the term. C'est Mortel's M.O. is to write 30-40 minute mostly-instrumental compositions, which are made up of multiple suites or theme changes that are simultaneously part-Slint and part-Kyuss, Each "song" is labeled as a "set" by the band, which is an indicator that the "sets" are really meant to be heard and performed live.

C'est Mortel's live show typically consists of one of their sets, performed in its entirety. Since the band has a number of sets on tap, fans are often treated to an entire show they've never heard before.

Brett Griffin joined Naumann and Brown as Jet by Day's bassist in August 2003.

C'est Mortel is currently inactive, as the Jet by Day contingency is now devoting all of its energy to the main gig.

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Audio Samples

Magnum Opus (Part 2) - C'est Mortel


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Delusions of Adequacy - "Some would call it straightforward rock, while there are elements of math-rock, prog-rock, and even stoner-rock with metal moments. But that's what is so good about this release. The styles are blended effortlessly, and the fact that the band recorded these songs live amazes me. This is a fantastic release, and the fact that this is a side project is astounding. Let's hope it doesn't get ignored as side projects tend to be, because with this more free, less constrained project, these guys have amazing potential."

Splendid - "C'est Mortel (Tom Naumann and Mason Brown, both of whom are members of Jet By Day, who formed this as their night gig) follow the standard formation of guitars and drums, like their contemporaries and comparison measurement the Oxes, but the added sounds set them among instrumental experimenters like TransAm, Tristeza and Tortoise. Naumann and Brown feed each other incredible energy; in both tracks, the muscular drumming and ripping chords crescendo like the players are fighting each other, but the sounds mesh perfectly."

Southeast Performer - "This powerful but unobtrusive seven song album is a dynamic journey into a territory filled with alienation, struggle and surrealism; a sort of mental Dali painting. It pulls from bombastic beginning through extreme quiet, blending back into fuzzy spaces inhabited with shrieking guitar, theremin, blasting drums and a constantly changing schizophrenic melody. There's a full dose of metallic prog-rock, but it is tempered with abrupt, sparse lines, spacey experimental jags, and even clapping."