The Band

C.J. Bargamian - guitar
Mark Carbone - drums
Kelly Sirmans - vocals
Daniel Winn - bass


Comprised of veterans of bands as diverse as Myssouri, Lithonia Power Train, the Positrons, Local Color Movement, and Purplexia, Crybaby emerged from nowhere in early 2001 to quickly become a darling on the Atlanta music scene. Buoyed by a high-profile first-gig and by several self-released EPs, the band made a splash on local radio and in local venues.

Crybaby's sound is characterized by a textured, dark, Western sound (think Brian Eno meets a spaghetti western soundtrack!), with a balance of telecaster-twang and lush-layered riffs. Superimposed on top of the soundtrack is Kelly Sirmans' majestic vocals, which have drawn comparisons to P.J. Harvey and Beth Gibbons.

Crybaby issued three self-released EPs during the course of 2001. A fourth EP, No Means Yes, was released on Two Sheds in February 2002.

Crybaby decided to disband at the end of 2002. Daniel Winn is now a member of Hot Young Priest, while Mark recently joined No River City. C.J., Daniel, and Mark all occasionally play with Goodnight Insomniacs.

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Audio Samples

Blue-Eyed Boy - Crybaby
Sick - No Means Yes
Sirens - No Means Yes


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The Big Takeover - "The band typically begins each song with a laid-back, jazzy vibe, weaving intricate, luxurious tapestries over which Sirmans' magnificent voice ebbs and flows like another instrument. Each song leisurely builds to a dramatic climax, with Sirmans belting at full force while the band rages behind her. The only exception is on the closing "Another Feeling," where the menacing, pile driving guitars hit you at once. The band sound very comfortable playing together, and the full, crisp production allows enough breathing room for each instrument to shine. Plus, very few rock singers these days can match chanteuse Sirmans' vocal gifts."

All Music Guide - "Atlanta, GA's Crybaby emerged from the ashes of several local bands in 2001 and aimed for bigger creative ambitions. C.J. Bargamian (guitar), Mark Carbone (drums), Daniel Winn (bass), and Kelly Sirmans (vocals/guitar) experimented with various dream pop/space rock sounds and derived something mysterious and artistically twisted. Sirmans' vocals matched the likes of PJ Harvey and Portishead's Beth Gibbons, while the band delivered something lush and textured."

Delusions of Adequacy - "The highlight of the band is Kelly Sirmans' voice, which reminds me at times of PJ Harvey or Kristin Hersch. But instead of making that the sole focus of the music, it mixes well with melodic guitars and an absolutely stellar rhythm section. It may be the mixing, but I'm impressed with the drumming in particular, as he mixes in various lighter sounds and time changes to keep the songs progressing nicely. The rest of the music takes on a dark overtone that fits Sirmans' voice perfectly."