Fairburn Royals


The Band

Wesley Black - Guitar
Jason Eshelman - Drums
Dave Kincaid - Bass
Matt Lisle - Vocals, Guitar


The Fairburn Royals were formed in December 2000 in Athens, Georgia by four friends who had grown too old for college but still had a love of performing music. Starting out as basically a four-track project, the band's sound is characterized as rough-around-the-edges lo-fi pop reminiscent of the early days of the Replacements, Pavement, or Guided by Voices. The band's lyrics draw heavily from day-to-day events we all encounter, and are at first blush simplistic. However, when put together in the context of a full record of songs, the lyrical composition actually makes a statement about everyday life.

Vocalist Matt Lisle lends a very versatile voice to the equation, and is equally adept at soft, dreamy vocals as he is at rock outbursts. The band makes generous use of vocal harmonies and guitar melodies, but also can lay down instrumental tracks with sinister overtones. With this band, the best is yet to come.

Jason Eshelman doubles as the drummer for the Eskimos.

Fairburn Royals has made even more posthumous material available! This latest round of freebies has the band doing covers ranging from Guided by Voices' "Bulldog Skin" to Olivia Newton-John's "You're the One That I Want." Click here for access.


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Atlanta, GA 31107
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Audio Samples

Welcome to My Universe - Sunshine Slowdown
Rather Be Flying - Sunshine Slowdown
These Aren't Mistakes - From a Window Way Above
Be My Punk Rock Friend - From a Window Way Above
Secretary's Day - The Free EP
Lonesome Townie Blues - The Free EP
Outta Mind - The Free EP
Sunshine Slowdown - The Free EP
Masterpiece - The Whistler
The Celebrity - The Whistler


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Flagpole - "This collection of songs is more hopeful than those of the past. Whether it be the opening lines of the pop anthem "K.I.S." ("It's important not to overreach past my talent and my ability") or in the closing lines of the album's initial track ("So I keep my spirits high, and I keep my mind at ease/ Hoping maybe one day I'll find, what becomes my masterpiece,") the viewpoint of an older, wiser songwriter reveals itself.

Splendid - "If Paul Westerberg had stood in for Paul McCartney in the Beatles, they might have sounded a lot like the Fairburn Royals... The ability to board over dark houses with pop bliss was what made Paul Westerberg and the Replacements legends. If the Fairburn Royals keep it up, they will do the same."

All Music Guide - ""A melodic indie pop outfit, the Fairburn Royals came together when the members were students in Athens, GA. College came and went, and the members remained together making music because, as their website says, "we're friends who have contrasting music tastes and enjoy being around each other. Our music is the result." This nonchalant attitude has no doubt been advantageous to the band's musical progression, as they've created a pressure-free environment to experiment in, free of the influence of labels and scenesters."