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Faith Kleppinger writes mellow, literary indie rock songs. She is a singer/songwriter who defies the “girl with guitar” stereotype, preferring electric guitar over acoustic; rock clubs over coffeehouses; and most importantly — she never, ever makes lyrics out of her journals from junior high school.

Faith's debut album, Asleep in the Well (Two Sheds, 2002) was recorded in Athens, Georgia with Dave Barbe (of Sugar) and was released to rave reviews and received airplay on some 200 college radio stations nationwide.

Kleppinger’s followup, No Galore (Two Sheds, 2004) was recorded in Bloomington, Indiana and was released to even better reviews, more radio play, and a six-week tour that she booked herself by finally breaking down and buying a cell phone.

Kleppinger began her musical career in Atlanta-based roots pop band Little Bobby Taylors and has been performing as a solo artist since 1997. She lives in New York City.

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Audio Samples

City Three - Asleep in the Well
Two Minute Warning - Asleep in the Well
No Galore - No Galore
Understudy Lines - No Galore


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Oct 21 - Musical Family Tree Festival; Indianapolis, IN
Oct 25 - Parkside Lounge; New York, NY


Delusions of Adequacy - "There's no doubt about it: Faith Kleppinger has a beautiful voice. However, a beautiful voice can only carry one so far. Without the ability to write good and interesting songs, a voice is just a voice. Kleppinger, formerly the singer of a roots-pop band Little Bobby Taylors, now lives in Atlanta and has been performing solo for a while, although this is her first solo album. And while it doesn't really fit into what we all know as indie-rock, there's no debating her abilities as not only a singer but a songwriter as well."

All Music Guide - "Singer/songwriter Faith Kleppinger arrived on the southern rock circuit in the late 1990s with the seminal roots outfit, Little Bobby Taylors. The band played gigs in and around their native Atlanta, but the Pennsylvania-born Kleppinger yearned for her work to be heard. She embarked on a solo career in early 1999, and by fall, she performed a showcase at the annual CMJ New Music Marathon in New York City. She went to perform there again for the next two years, and in the process, shaping a country-rock sound all her own. By fall 2001, Kleppinger hooked up with the Young Antiques' Blake Rainey and ex-Sugar bass man David Barbe for a debut solo album. Asleep in the Well was the final product, released on Two Sheds Music in spring 2002."

Stomp and Stammer - "You know, Atlanta's music scene is full of blabbering singer-songwriters, few of whom know the power of melody, subtlety, or unpretentious lyricism that bleeds passion and ache without spelling it all out, letting the whole effect wrap around you. Kleppinger is a true gem in a town full of too many granite slabs. "