Heros Severum


The Band

Sherryl A. Branch - guitar, vocals
Eric Friar - guitar, vocals
Roy Coughlin - multiple instruments
David Staton - drums


Sometime during the humid summer of 2000, three veterans of the Athens, Georgia independent music scene came together with the sole purpose of rediscovering the joy in making music. With this meeting, Heros Severum was born.

Heros Severum's sound is a mix of brash guitars, booming low-end percussion, and melodic intertwining vocals. The sound created is unique, and has more in common with early 80's no wave bands like Mission of Burma and the Minutemen than with any of the band's rock and punk contemporaries.

The music is angular and decisive, focusing on arrangement. Each member's individual parts themselves simply serve the greater whole, a method of songwriting which seems to have been lost on many of today's rock/punk/emo output. The band has also eschewed the traditional bass instrument, choosing instead to coax the low end out of the six string instruments and keyboards.

Each song is unique in topic, with subject matter drawing from many inspirations. Whether expressing a simple observation, a pledge to live one's life by, or a desire for a better life, the lyrics are always positive. A common theme in the lyrics is a deep need to do something more, to point out the problems we face in the modern world with an eye toward making things better, while remaining apolitical and free of spite.

Live, the band is explosive and engaging, a flurry of motion without pause. The band minimizes stage banter to strike a balance between live energy and precise mechanics. The music itself never stops, as the band plays live to a soundtrack of vinyl records ranging from old southern gospel to free jazz, from Swedish folk songs to Jimmy Durante. Music within the music, the soundtrack to a live experience.

In its brief existence, the band has had the fortune of playing with the likes of the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Les Savy Fav, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, the Hives, Small Brown Bike, Milemarker, Burning Airlines, Hey Mercedes, Mock Orange, Cat Power, and Roger Miller's Binary System.

Heros Severum's members were formerly in the Athens bands Wunderkind and The Bet. Both bands were instrumental in maintaining the Athens D.I.Y. scene. Members of the band also formerly operated Athens' 357 Warehouse, an all-ages D.I.Y. venue for indie and punk bands honed their skills.

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Audio Samples

Out of Round - Wonderful Educated Bear
From Foot to Foot - Wonderful Educated Bear
A Sick Dog - Plague Dogs
Tugawar - Plague Dogs


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Splendid - "Branch and Friar's dual guitars reveal the distinct lack of any low-end bass rhythms (all that's left is Cummings' tight drum beats), which makes for an invigorating listen. The tangled male and female vocals take turns clashing and making amends, creating a bold sound that's noisy enough for the anti-popsters, but melodic enough for those seeking a quick indie-rock fix."

All Music Guide - "Offering up smart, edgy, and dynamic post-punk guitar music without a bassist to drag them down, Heros Severum formed in Athens, GA, in mid-2000. Guitarist/vocalist Eric Friar and drummer Jeff Cummings were former members of the Athens-based band Wunderkind, while guitarist and vocalist Sherryl A. Branch used to play with another Athens group, the Bet. After joining forces, Heros Severum (the name, incidentally, comes from a tropical fish) began gigging steadily in the South after making their debut at a Halloween 2000 show in their hometown. They were soon sharing stages with the likes of the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Burning Airlines, the Hives, Hey Mercedes, and Small Brown Bike."

Lost at Sea - "The band’s sound draws comparisons to established acts like Sonic Youth, The Minutemen, the Talking Heads, and even Primus. That’s pretty good company to be among. Even so, Heros Severum has a funk-induced, post-whatever formula that’s all their own."