Mary O. Harrison


The Band

Mary O. Harrison - vocals, piano, guitar
James NeSmith - drums, bass, guitar, vocals
Kyle Harris - bass, vocals
Kay Stanton - bass, vocals
and many more!

Mary O. Harrison - vocals, piano, guitar
Michelle Friedman - bass
John McNicholas - guitar
Kim Ware - drums


Former Charm School singer-songwriter Mary O. Harrison celebrates the release of her debut album, Factory of Days. Two years in the making, Factory of Days is an amalgamation of orchestrated pop and folksy Americana, borne from influences as diverse as the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, XTC, Elvis Costello, and Talking Heads.

Mary O.'s music career began in 1999, when she and Jenny Hutton formed Charm School, a quartet that blended modern power pop with old school new wave influences. Called one of "Atlanta’s best and often overlooked pop jewels” (Creative Loafing, July 2004), the band's recorded output consisted of 2002's Career Day EP and 2004’s Tomorrow Is Today. Both records were recorded by Jason NeSmith at NeSmith’s Bel Air Studios in Athens.

Following the release of Tomorrow Is Today, Mary O. took her songwriting in a different direction and began working with NeSmith on a solo record in December 2005 that would eventually become Factory of Days. Using more piano and acoustic guitar, and substituting more folk and moodiness for pop, Mary O. set out to make a record that would showcase each song with arrangements to fit the song, free from the need to adhere to the continuity of a band’s "sound." Several musicians were brought into the sessions to flesh out the record, giving the record an orchestrated feel.

Charm School played its last show in May 2006, and Mary O. then assembled a band for live performances. Mary O.’s live band now consists of Kim Ware on drums, Michelle Friedman on bass, and John McNicholas on guitar. Mary O.’s live band has spent the last 18 months playing the Atlanta market and re-interpreting the songs from Factory of Days.


Press Resources

Factory of Days cover art
Mary O. Harrison portrait - photo by Steve Pomberg
live photo - photo by Kendra Bentle
live photo - photo by Kendra Bentle
live photo - photo by Alex Adan
Factory of Days liner notes
CD release poster - artwork by Ryan White


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Audio Samples

Supper Song - Factory of Days
Way of Walking - Factory of Days
Better Day - Factory of Days


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May 16 - The EARL; Atlanta, GA


Southeast Performer - "Mary O. Harrison and her new backing band kicked things off with their first show ever. Harrison, formerly of Charm School, looked sweet and demure as always. Her honest delivery and bright, ringing voice are the kinds one would imagine captivating kindergarteners in a music classroom. Her narrative storytelling and sense of melody are strongly reminiscent of Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis."

Indietastic - "The opener Mary O. Harrison was rather impressive . . . She and the remainder of her four piece outfit provided a soothing folky sound that sounded slow . . . almost to the point of being boring but well-crafted. So you can imagine my surprise when her guitarist told me afterwards that this was their third live show. If a band's third live show ever is opening for Camera Obscura, you can bet they’re going places."

Cable and Tweed - "One of Atlanta's finest pop act."