Secret Europeans


The Band

Mandy Branch - vocals, keys, guitars, beats


You probably recognize Mandy Branch from one of her other Athens-based projects. She's played with a variety of bands in Athens since the late 90s, including The Bet, Heros Severum, Down with the Wu, The Incendiaries, and currently, the heavy power trio Motherfucker. These bands have all been known for being collaborative group efforts with, in most cases, a hard-edged, aggressive sound. So naturally, when Mandy decided to do a solo record under the moniker Secret Europeans, she went in the opposite direction and made a delicate, heartfelt, highly personal record.

Sadly, the genesis for Secret Europeans' debut Love Don't Stop was the death of Mandy's father in 2012. Mandy took much of the inspiration for the record from spending the final months with her father, and from the void that his passing left on her and her family. Approximately half the songs on the record were written shortly after the elder Branch's death, and capture the sadness of the loss, as well as the tightness of the bond between father and daughter that transcended his death. The other songs on the record, though following later chronologically, fit the overal theme and mood of the record, and feel like a natural inclusion.


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