Silent Kids


The Band

Brandon Arnold - bass
Leanna Fugate - drums
Jeff Holt - guitars, vocals
Michael Oakley - vocals, guitars, keyboards, samples


Atlanta's entry in the field of pop psychedelia is the Silent Kids, an erstwhile three-piece that's been a local rising star. The original trio of Oakley, Holt, and Scott Rowe made their name by putting to good use vintage equipment, makeshift home studio space, an analog eight-track recorder, and general inventiveness. The band could easily be mistaken for an Elephant Six outfit were it not for its use of soaring guitars.

The band's recorded output consist of an early (and now out-of-print) EP, Radio Beams, and the 2002 full-length, Tomorrow Waits. The band plans to re-release Tomorrow Waits on Two Sheds in February 2003.

Beth Kargel was added to the band's lineup as a keyboardist in the latter half of 2002.

Scott Rowe recently left the band to focus on his roles as a member of Luigi and a touring member of Magnapop. Leanna Fugate has been enlisted to replace him.

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PO Box 5455
Atlanta, GA 31107
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Audio Samples

Engine of a Lifetime - Tomorrow Waits
Miami - Tomorrow Waits


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Sep 23 - Aurora Coffeehouse; Atlanta, GA
Nov 8 - The EARL; Atlanta, GA


Stomp and Stammer - "For a band working in a basic psychedelic pop format, Atlanta's Silent Kids sure manage to invest a pipeload of inventive vision into their music. They've been operating under the radar for far too long, but their excellent new full-length disc Tomorrow Waits (following an EP of several years back) should help pull them out of the bog. Possible influnences would include mid-period Beatles, Be Bop Deluxe, early Eno, and all that British art rock, even the paisley underground LA stuff, but who cares? This is incredibly well-crafted, melodic and memorable rock 'n' roll that goes great with a cheap beer or a bag of shrooms, whatever floats yer jalopy. Elements cease and other begin before you have a chance to exhale, the guitars sear your cranium like a laser beam, sound effects from the old Lost In Space TV Program boing around all over the place...If they were cool enough, they'd be recruited by Elephant 6 years ago. But then they'd suck by now."

All Music Guide - "Mixing the crunchy indie experimentation of Pavement with a true-blue sunny vibe, the Silent Kids throw a summertime backyard party and invite everyone from Fiver to the Mayflies USA to Grandaddy. From the upbeat groove of "Drift into the Summer" to the noisy "The Bering Sea" and the brief, in-between atmosphere sketches like "Lost in the Petrified Forest," Tomorrow Waits like Grandaddy's "Under the Western Freeway" only hints at the band's potential."

Southeast Performer - "they dazzle the listener with a high-wire act of well-timed dynamics and an inventive spirit that immediately grabs you. However, instead of so many bands that seem at first incredible but wear with age, Silentkids and their album Tomorrow Waits drives deeper into your head to become a welcome addiction."