We're often asked "Whatever happened to ...," so we decided to add this Two Sheds Alumni page to keep you up with the comings and goings of former members of bands that have been on Two Sheds releases.



Chris Hoke and Justin Gray currently play together in the Sudden Rays.
Sean Moore performs solo under the moniker Lid Emba, and also plays drums with Tenth to the Moon, Envie, and Dig Your Hole.

An Epic at Best

Roy Coughlin performs solo under the name Some Animal.
Jamie McCaw and Natalie Roberts are currently playing in Language Arts.
Jamie McCaw also has a solo project named Track 8 Theory.


B.J. Hale, Benjamin Cenis, and Kelly Guinn most recently made up 3/4 of the line-up of the now-defunct Fate Heroic.

C'est Mortel

Tom Naumann, Mason Brown, and Brett Griffin most recently played in their primary band, the on-hiatus Jet by Day.
Mason Brown has also played recently in Coyote Bones.


Daniel Winn most recently played bass in Hot Young Priest.
CJ Bargamian play in A Fight to the Death.
Mark Carbone is the drummer for No River City and A Fight to the Death.

Heros Severum

Eric Friar and Mandy Branch now perform as Down with the Woo.

Jupiter Watts

Kevin Wallace also moonlights in the Sudden Rays.


Jeff Dehner and Justin Sonfield are members of Blake Rainey and His Demons.

Sharks and Minnows

Christopher Simony and Devin Simony most recently played in League of Evil.

Silent Kids

Scott Rowe is now playing bass in both Magnapop and Luigi.
Jeff Holt and Leanna Fugate have a side project called Georgia Fireflies.
Jeff somehow finds time to also play in Luigi and Ultrababyfat.
Former bassist Tracy Clark now plays in The Preakness, and sometimes in Chickens & Pigs.
New bassist Brandon Arnold's primary gig is The Preakness.


Shonali Bhowmik's current project is Tigers and Monkeys.
Michelle DuBois fronts Luigi.
See Silent Kids' entry for Jeff Holt's activities.

White Lights

Buffi Aguero plays bass in Subsonics and also fronts in Tiger! Tiger!
Sam Leyja also plays in Tiger! Tiger!

Young Antiques

Blake Rainey also performs as a solo artist.