White Lights


The Band

Buffi Aguero - guitar, vocals
Ana Balka - violin, guitar, mandolin
Stuart Ellis - vibes, pedal steel guitar
Sam Leyja - organ
Mike Poteet - drums
John Vignault - baritone guitar
Keith Xenos - bass guitar


Longtime Subsonics drummer and former Vendettas frontwoman Buffi Aguero, always in search of a new musical vehicle, formed the White Lights in 1999. She enlisted her Vendettas bandmates Johnny Vignault and Sam Leyja, Subsonics bandmate Clay Reed, former Superstar Pillowfight member Ana Balka, and longtime friends Stuart Ellis and Kristen Loomis to fill out the ensemble.

The concept of the White Lights, with its array of instruments and wide landscape, was intended to be a departure from the garage band sound that many of the members were heretofore known for. Employing lush, moody textures and bottom-end reverb, the band's sound comes across as a cross between the drone of Velvet Underground and the tumbleweeds of Calexico.

The White Lights functioned much like a laboratory experiment. They put together diverse instruments such as vibraphone, violin, pedal steel, and baritone guitar - names which conjure up different genres not thought to mix well together - yet because of the restraint and moderation, the mix works.

Following the release of a self-titled debut record in 2000, Mike Poteet and Keith Xenos were brought aboard to replace Reed and Loomis as the rhythm section. The band recorded a follow-up record in June 2001, then went on hiatus as a couple of the members relocated from Atlanta. Aguero resurrected the tapes from that session in late 2003, and Two Sheds is releasing Gifts from Strangers in May 2004 to serve as a testament to one of the most interesting bands to ever grace the Atlanta music scene.

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Audio Samples

Current Through a Wire - Gifts from Strangers
Desperate - Gifts from Strangers


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Prick Magazine - "While most of the band's members are used to playing stripped-down garage rock in bands such as the Subsonics and the Vendettas, The White Lights' use of violin, vibraphone and organ, among other instruments, provides a much more swanky and atmospheric sound. While it is difficult to really say The White Lights sound like any other band, you can definitely here a little Velvet Underground in songs like "Roses In My Eyes" and "Limb From Limb" while "Crawl" and "Beneath The Sky" have a slight Beatles sound. And songs like "Just Don't Say Anything," "Sleepyhead" and "1000 Times" have a little twang to them while "Desperate" almost sounds like it's from an old Western film."

Southeast Performer - "Comprised of an alumni cast of musicians from several other bands in the Atlanta area, the White Lights sound surprisingly minimal on their sophomore LP, Gifts from Strangers. Lead singer Buffi Aguero did time as the drummer for the Subsonics until she joined Vendettas, while other members range from ex-Pillowfight and Subsonics members to friendly acquaintances. Regardless, with a band that consists of a wide palette of musicians and various unconventional rock instruments to boot (vibraphone, violin, pedal steel, baritone guitar), one would think their sound would be a vast array of epic and experimental musical landscapes. However, with Gifts from Strangers, the band finds solace in mimicking the minimal instrumentation and pop sensibility of the Velvet Underground."

Creative Loafing - "With the White Lights 2000 self-titled debut, the shadowy, haunting eclectics shined brilliantly, meshing sprawling rock and Ennio Morricone-esque arrangements with a fiery Southern flair. Fronted by Buffi Aguero (Subsonics, Tiger Tiger) -- along with violinist Ana Balka, vibes player Stuart Ellis, organist Sam Leyja, percussionist Mike Poteet, guitarist John Vignault and bassist Keith Xenos -- the group quickly became a formidable outfit. But, just as quickly, the band dissolved when Ellis, Vignault and Xenos left Atlanta. Now, two years after switching off, a second recording, titled Gifts From Strangers (Two Sheds Records), has surfaced as a posthumous offering."