Young Antiques


The Band

Blake Rainey - guitar, vocals
Blake Parris - bass, vocals
Kevin Charney - drums


Hailing from the Atlanta and Athens scene, The Young Antiques are stirring up their own potent mixture of new post-punk with a lyrical core.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Blake Rainey stays within his poet influences: Take it or leave it / Don't rake it like leaves in the fall", he sings on "Adore". He calls Dylan Thomas the one, but is not to be limited to gods, ghosts, dreams, and the natural scene. Bassist Blake Parris grew up in the same barren place as Rainey (Cedartown, GA), finding his love for punk rock at an early age. He houses the raw and pure energy this band delivers in life and on stage. Drummer John Speaks makes his debut with the 'Tiques on Clockworker as the cathartic gatekeeper who will kill you with his slingshot if he doesn't get to pound the skins. He's played with Skirt, Jody Grind, and Opal Foxx Quartet too.

The Young Antiques debut release, 2000's Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend, established the band's eclectic blend, as it carousels effortlessly from decade to decade, and genre to genre. The record received both critical and popular praise throughout the Southeast.

Following the release of Wardrobe, the band spent a couple of years honing its live show, to the point where it has been acclaimed as one of the best live bands in Atlanta. The band's extended sets, which on special occasions might conclude with a Ramones or Clash medley, have become a raucous affair.

In May 2003, the band released Clockworker, which is the band's first release on the Two Sheds label.

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The Winning Season - Clockworker
Radio Kill Radio - Clockworker


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All Music Guide - "Atlanta trio the Young Antiques play angry-young-man rock that draws from Hüsker Dü and the '80s Minneapolis hardcore scene as well as the Jam and Elvis Costello. With this unique, if a bit retro mix, the band creates buoyant and propulsive songs that shoot straight to the heart of what makes good old rock & roll great.In 1999, with Blake Parris on bass, Blake Rainey on vocals and guitar and John Speaks on drums, Young Antiques first unleashed their raw power pop and post-punk anthems. In 2000, the group self-released their debut, Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend, which turned out to be somewhat of a regional success.Clockworker followed in 2003 on Two Sheds. Meeting their goal of a record that re-creates the atmosphere of late-'70s pop-punk, the band found their stride and a place alongside groups like the Natural History, the French Kicks and the Libertines."

Slender Music - "Atlanta based trio The Young Antiques make no apologies for embracing the music of their past, and with the release of their latest full length, CLOCKWORKER, listeners won't come asking them to. With a brick wall guitar sound and solid, backbeat-for-a-spine rhythm section, Blake Rainey, Blake Parris and John Speaks present straightforward, high energy, balls out, rebellious post-punk anthems with choruses that beg you to scream along. The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Ramones, early REM, The Replacements and The Knack can all be heard swirling around in the 'Tiques collective head, but it would be a disservice to call them derivative. The quality of their songs give them their own voice."